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Long-Term Health Effects of CBT

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Q: I am very interested in getting into CBT but I am worried about potential health problems, primarily fertility.

Unfortunately, googling CBT and health is only giving me results for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which, while interesting, is not what I am looking for. If you have any personal knowledge, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

A: To start, CBT isn’t my thing, and I’m no medical expert, but from what I’ve seen from friends of mine, I assume that CBT — Cock and Ball Torture — is fairly safe in the right hands (yes, that made me laugh). As long as you aren’t too brutal with Heavy D and the Boys, you should be fine. Keep in mind to start off light, and know your limits!

Other things to be aware of is that Ball Crushing is a LOT different than Ball Stomping — i.e. ball kicking. All men are different, and their testicles can take various kinds of punishment in many ways. What can rupture one in one man is just a warm up to another. And yes, testicles CAN rupture. but it takes a lot of pressure to do it — or just the right twist.

I’d advise against is actually twisting them, as testicular torsion is a very real thing, and can cause a lot of unwanted damage — like actually losing one. And if you plan to do any tying, don’t cut off your bloodflow for too long,

As far as overall fertility goes, if you’ve had a vasectomy, that could cause some type of complication. Like I said, I’m no medical expert, so you might want to ask a doctor about that one. In any case, as long as you start out light it’s unlikely — but theoretically possible — that there would be any problems.

Hopefully this helps you, and have fun!

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