20+ Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I’ve always wanted to write a “Things You Don’t Know About…” post, but never got around to it. I figured that now is just a good time as any to write it.

It’s all a bit random, but I like how it turned out. So, um… Here goes!

  1. My favourite colours are black, red, violet and certain blues. If these colours happen to caress a sexy body, even better. Which is why I’ll have my submissives wear those colours.
  2. I think chubby/thick girls are hotter than super fit girls. I like having something to hold on to. And if their stomach looks better than mine (which isn’t a difficult feat), I feel like I failed at life somehow. I don’t however, like obese women or if they’re disproportionate. And just to clear this up (because I get asked ALL the time), First, I never said that I didn’t think super-fit girls aren’t hot to me, nor did I say that I’m not into them. Second, what YOU consider obese or disproportionate are likely NOT what I consider them to be. It would likely take another post to explain the nuances of what I mean – and don’t feel like writing it. If you feel that you fall into any of these categories, and I’m interested in you, then it obviously doesn’t apply to you. See? Easy.
  3. I like video games, but don’t really get a chance to play them much anymore. I like fighting games and strategy games the most. My absolute favourite strategy games are Final Fantasy Tactics, and the entire Disgaea series. I currently have an addiction to Supercell’s Clash Royale.
  4. I know a LOT about comic books. This is mainly because of my Dad. If you’re wondering who my favourite superheroes are, it’s a few. They’re Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Deadpool, Quantum and Woody, and The Flash.
  5. I have a thing for Wonder Woman and Chun-Li from Street Fighter. I’ve been secretly in love with Lynda Carter since I was three years old, and I’ve been into Chun-Li since her Street Fighter 2: The New Fighters re-animation.
  6. I like cartoons – a lot. I really like The Amazing World of Gumball, because it’s funny as hell. I’m also a big (HUGE) fan of damn near anything that Pixar makes.
  7. I successfully sold a comic book character to a Japanese publisher when I was sixteen – who thought that I was Japanese until they met me. I illustrated the book and wrote the entire thing in Japanese, under the pen name Takeshi.
  8. I was brought into this lifestyle when I was fourteen. It’s a pretty interesting story. I might tell you sometime.
  9. I collect fountain pens. I’ve about fifteen so far.
  10. My favourite sports are baseball, boxing, and MMA fights. My favourite boxers are Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, Rocky Balboa and Muhammad Ali. I know Rocky isn’t a real person, but I didn’t ask for your input.
  11. I tried to get the USA government to make my birthday a national holiday – sixty-two times.
  12. I’m a pretty good cook, but I hate cooking because it takes way too long to make anything that like.
  13. Dominant Desires isn’t the only website for which I write. I write BDSM and other article types for about three other websites, and one magazine.
  14. My first submissive was a gift to me, when I was seventeen – the day that I was accepted as a Dominant by my house. She and I are still friends to this day.
  15. The most submissives I’ve ever owned at the same time was six. And while they all had their individual quirks, I absolutely loved them all, and took care of them as such.
  16. My favourite toys are my floggers and my rope. With this said, I should also mention have an unhealthy obsession with rope.
  17. I don’t masturbate – It’s just not my thing. I like making my submissives do it, though.
  18. I have onset narcolepsy, and because of it I’ve had chronic nightmares every night since I was six years old, have occasional sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome.
  19. I like breakfast food, and will eat it no matter what time of day it is. Favourite breakfast thing to eat? Waffles.
  20. Having control of someone, no matter how brief the moment, always gives me an erection when my wishes are obeyed.
  21. I have a thing for skirts – they’re an almost immediate turn-on for me. If you’re wearing a skirt around me, the likelihood that I’m going to fuck you (if you belong to me), or have SERIOUSLY thought about fucking you is pretty damned high.
  22. I’m not a fan of thong underwear, but I’m not opposed to looking at them, either. I like underwear that leave a bit of guesswork for me as to how someone looks under their undies.
  23. I’m a big fan of Burger King cheeseburgers. I just like the way they taste. With the exception of onion rings, I don’t like much else from there, but I’ll eat damn near anything if I’m really hungry.
  24. I’ve a bit of an OCD about grooming habits – ESPECIALLY my own. I shave twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. If I don’t, I feel really unclean.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Is there anything you think I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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    October 29, 2017 at 11:50 am

    I love this! You sound fun. It feels like such a privilege when an esteemed Dom opens up in such a manner.

    • Reply
      Rajan Dominari
      October 29, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Thank you Niki! I’d like to think that I’m a fun person. Thank you for your compliment, I really appreciate it.

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