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Gorean Slave

Today, I decided that I’d write about a style of relationship often incorporated into BDSM — the Gorean relationship.

What is the Gorean Lifestyle?

The Gorean lifestyle is based on a set of fiction books written by John Norman. The relationships are typically Master/slave, and the participants often adhere to the culture, rituals and protocols depicted in the books, such as slave positions that the slave — known as kajira — must assume, specific commands that are taught and followed, as well as how they’re to dress.

The Gorean lifestyle and teachings is way too in depth to explain in one post, so I will stick to the “typical” relationship built upon it.

In Gor, slaves are usually required to address all free men and women as Master/Mistress, and whilst a slave may be owned by one person, s/he is at the will of his/her Master, and can be loaned or “sold” to another or released if the Master so decides.

Gorean Slave

Whilst these relationships are often built upon an owner/property Master/slave dynamic and would be discontinued without it, they are more often than not inclusive of love, care, affection etc.

The slaves are expected to obey any whom their Master chooses, and the only other option to obedience is to beg for reprieve or release. I’ve met few who truly adhere to this, and who’s Master’s truly expect obedience to all free men or women, though such practice is followed by some in the Gor community.

Though it’s said that a kajira is to obey without question, we all know if we don’t maintain something properly, it’s reliability lessens. It’s a bit like servicing your car. If you don’t, eventually things don’t work as well, and this is true for a kajira. Underneath their slavery and service is a human being. They have personal goals, feelings and needs. It may be at the Master’s discretion when, if at all his slave gets these — affection, attention, etc. — but to refuse would likely leave you with a slave who has little desire or incentive to be a good one.

Essentially, it is the goal of a kajira to please at all times. They’re often not allowed to refer to themselves as “I, me, mine” but instead refer to themselves in ways such as “this girl” or “this slave.”

Remember, it’s still about having a loving relationship.

Gor relationships are on the extreme end of service and obedience, but it’s important that while many Gor lifestyles preach the need to be limitless slaves and entirely dominant Master’s, they’re all still people, and many don’t go to such an extent that they disregard their property’s welfare. There is still much emotion even in these relationships, many are based on love and care and honour for one another.

Are you part of the Gorean lifestyle? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment.

About the Gorean Lifestyle

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