Getting Into Kitten Play

A few of you have asked me to talk more about pet play – kitten play, in particular. Because I’ve only briefly touched on the subject of pet play before, this is as good a time as any to talk about it, yes? So if you want an idea of how to go about getting into kitten play, read on.

What is Kitten Play, anyway?

Kitten play is a form of domination and submission that typically consists of a submissive “pet,” and the “owner” or guardian role is assumed by the Dominant.

As a kitten, submissives can experience a fun way to escape their day-to-day life, human responsibilities, and more serious aspects of your relationship. The major component of kitten play, and pet play in general, is a feeling like having someone taking care of the submissive. It’s a great way to shake up your routine, whether you’re a seasoned dominant or just a curious kitty.

As I’ve mentioned before, while the most common pet roles are kittens and puppies, you’re more than welcome to incorporate other kinds of animals. But for now, we’re going to focus on the kitties.

Getting Started

Before you get started, it’s important to talk about what both parties expect and want out of a play session, and nail down a some rules and safety issues before play can begin. Does the kitten want to lounge about, or take on a more active, curious personality?

There should be some sort of signal for when play begins and ends – perhaps the owner will slip a collar on the pet to start the play, and the kitten will rub its head on the ankle of the partner and lick to signal that they are ready to transform back into a human.

As always, it is important to agree upon a safeword which will designate that one or both parties need a break from the fantasy.

Kitten Play


Kittens may find themselves chewing, romping about, teething or imitating other common feline behaviours like hunting prey, chasing, purring, sunbathing, scratching and giving nuzzles, headbutts or scratches – if they’re feeling feisty.

There is a definite freedom in kitten play if a submissive wants to be creative. They can nuzzle their partner or kneading a blanket to signal that they’re content and comfortable with their experience.

Owners can help their kittens flesh out their feline roles a bit more by having specific rules about eating, playing with toys, using the bathroom, etc. Some important things to think about are:

  • Will the kitten eat human food? or will food, water dishes, or milk be used?
  • Will the kitten use the restroom conventionally, or will a litterbox be incorporated into the pet play?
  • Will the kitten be allowed to play on furniture?

Regarding punishment, if the kitten is being naughty, how will they be reprimanded for bad behaviour? Keep in mind that the typical punishment and reward systems aren’t a necessary component for pet play. As a matter of fact, they should be left out altogether in my opinion. People – sane ones, at least – wouldn’t punish a real kitten the same way they would a human being, so they shouldn’t punish their human kittens that way.

And if they would punish a real kitten like a human being, then they’ve a whole different set of issues that they should work out – preferably with professional help. Moving on…

Another thing I would suggest that owners keep in mind is that while it’s common for kittens to move about on their hands and knees throughout the play to fully get into the feline mindset, they should talk to their partner about what will happen if playing becomes too hard on their knees or joints, and come up with alternate ways to play if necessary – because no one wants to be reminded of their arthritic knees in the middle of playing.

What to Wear

In my opinion, the best kitten accessories to get into the right headspace are collars, ears and a tail.

The nice thing is that you can be as original as you’d like, wearing anything from typical catwear, to an all-fur, a sexy catsuit, or something else entirely – like latex. I dig latex…

Latex Kitten Play | Dominant Desires

As for newer kitties, if they’re not ready to go full-on kitty, I would recommend that they wearing their favourite lingerie, accessorised with matching cat ears and their favourite collar, until they’re comfortable wearing other things – or nothing at all.

Sexing the Pussy

Kitten play doesn’t necessarily have to lead to penetration. As a metter of fact, some kitties are happy just to be petted, disciplined, or simply be cared for.

However, there are still many imaginative, feline ways for owners to arouse their partner. Kittens may lick, purr, and scratch during foreplay and sex, while their owners can reward them with things that pleasure them, like returning play with their kitten, and reward them for being good.

In Conclusion

Kitten play is a great way for people to break out of their usual sexual roles and discover surprising new ways to engage with their partner. Dominants getting into kitten play with a submissive that is typically shy or reserved, may see them transform before their eyes into a rowdy, curious kitten, wildly playing about the bedroom.

I’ll fully admit that with some of my submissives, I definitely have a thing for kitten play. This has a lot to do with the fact I find it amusing and makes me smile…

And that latex thing.

Here are some other articles I’ve written that mention pet play:

So, is kitten play your thing? Is it something that you’ve thought about? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Let me know in the comments.

Getting Into Kitten Play

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