A Primer on Pet Play and Slaves

Today, I’m going to talk about Pet play, which is one of the most unique, one of the least known and — in my opinion — one of the most fun and entertaining types of BDSM relationships.

What is Pet Play, anyway?

Pet play is a form of role-play in various BDSM, D/s and other kink practices. It can be done within a given scene, but is usually found as an aspect of D/s and other power exchange relationships.

In pet play, the slave voluntarily assumes animal mannerisms and behaviour, with the most common types of animal roles including pony, horse, pup, dog, wolf, cat and kitten.

Good Pet

The arrangement can vary greatly between the individuals involved, but usually requires obedience and unconditional love from the pet. Other requirements can include eating from a bowl, crawling on all fours, and even giving up rights to all of their possessions.

Is pet play your thing? Is it something that you’re interested in? Since we’re talking about it, I’m into kittens, myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment!

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