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10 Ways to Stay Safe When Meeting a Dominant

Couple on a Date

We can all get caught up with the overwhelming feelings of happiness when meeting someone new. A combination of chemicals in our brain — which include Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins — tell us that we overly happy. While these chemicals can bring about an intoxicating sense of euphoria, you have to must remain alert at all times.

We all run a risk with our safety we meet somebody new, and it’s always better to be prepared and safe. But how do you do that? What preventative steps can you take? In no particular order, here are 10 things that you can do to stay safe when meeting a potential Dominant:

Develop a safe-call.

This is an arrangement that you will make with a friend or relative to check in with them whenever you meet somebody new.

Do your homework.

Have their name, number, a photo and anything else that can be helpful in identifying your date. Give this information to the friend or relative that is your safe-call.

Set up safety phrases with your safe-call.

Having a safety phrase will alert them if you are safe or in danger. In addition, these phrases should not be obvious or alert your date of any possible distress.

Tell your friend where you will be going

If possible, include the address and number of the venue and how long you plan on being there.

ALWAYS drive yourself.

This allows you to have some sense of control. While giving you an out if needed.

NEVER go somewhere private

Make sure that the place is public and well-lit.

Call your friend upon arrival

Continue to have check-ins throughout the date (A real Dominant will understand this importance)

Do NOT play on the first date.

It takes a lot to trust somebody and you can’t fully trust somebody you have never met in person before.

NEVER leave your drinks or meal unattended

Not even to use the restroom

Pay attention to RED flags.

If red flags are continuously coming up, this is not the person for you, and you should leave.

Changing Locations

If you plan on changing locations make sure that your friend is notified of when and where you are going. When you are leaving the current venue, ETA, and when you arrive let them know you are safe.

Now, while this may all sound a bit scary, it’t not meant to make you uptight or fearful, it’s simply to keep you safe.

By the way, if you can take somebody along and have them sit at a distance without alerting your date, that would be much safer than going alone. Have a great time.

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