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Toybox: Flexible Rubber Pocket Paddle

PVC Paddle

A paddle is a great tool for someone interested in impact play, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The ability to deliver multiple sensations with this particular toy makes it an easy choice. Striking with a narrow edge can deliver deep, thuddy impact, while using the flat sides can give varying degrees of sting.

This paddle is sold as a “rubber” paddle, but it’s actually made of PVC. This is good because it’s actually less porous and easier to clean, as well as having a longer life. Because of it’s size, it can fit perfectly in your front pants pocket, meaning you can have it at your fingertips at all times.

This paddle is flexible, one side has rough raised studs, while the other side has smooth low bumps. One narrow edge has the raised studs, while the other has the smooth bumps. The different sides allow for different sensations. The paddle surface has four holes in it that allow air to escape on a strike, making it a very stingy experience.

Because of the versatility of a paddle, a submissive is always left wondering “what will come next?”, and a skilled Dominant will use that to manipulate the sub’s mental state to improve the scene. Care should be taken to “warm up” your sub. The size, weight, and flexibility makes it easy to strike extremely hard, which means that it’s also easy to do unintended damage to you sub, up to, and including breaking skin. A proper warm up will help to lessen that risk.

The raised surface on one side is great for beginners because it generates less pain in general. General knowledge of impact play, and of course, a good view of your target area. Using a paddle over clothing or panties doesn’t allow you to see the color of the skin you’re hitting, which means you could do unintended damage.

This paddle could last a lifetime, and then even longer in a landfill. Keep it clean with soap and water, wipe with alcohol wipes or Clorox wipes, or even sanitize in a dishwasher on the upper rack.

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