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So You Want to Use a Bullwhip, huh?

Nylon Whip

A Bullwhip is an impact toy intended for intermediate, advanced users. Seriously, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t use it on anyone.

Moving on, here is the basic anatomy of a bullwhip: the handle attaches to the lash, which attaches to the fall, which attaches to the cracker, the piece of string at the end. Most crackers are replaceable, some falls are replaceable. The cracker is easier to replace – the thong will need to be rebraided, or replaced.

Like floggers, a bullwhip is an excellent impact toy choice for an experienced Dominant, and as the sound of the whip moving through the air creates a slight sense of panic in the submissive right before impact, which the Dominant may enjoy.

It takes hours of practice required to get the basics down to properly use a bullwhip. Be prepared for calluses and blisters. The single-tail whip has a sharp learning curve, if you’ve got patience and persistence. And like I said in the beginning, DON’T USE THIS on anyone until you’ve gotten a decent amount of skill under your belt.

If you buy a quality bullwhip, and depending on how the whip is used, cleaned and stored, it can last a lifetime.

A note about cleaning a bullwhip: Your whip is made of leather so you should be careful to keep it clean and dry. A whip’s worst enemy is dirt and moisture. Dirt can rub and erode the leather, and moisture can cause it to stretch, shrink, kink and mildew.

DO NOT USE OILS ON YOUR WHIPS. Eventually it will weaken and break down the leather.

Are bullwhips part of your toy bag? What do you think of them? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments.

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