What Does Spanking Mean?

Playtime: Spanking

What does spanking mean? Seems like a silly question, right? Well when someone says, “I got a spanking last night” or “she needs a spanking and I will take care of that as soon as I get home”, do you know what happened or is going to happen? Not all spankings are equal because they serve different purposes.

So, we’re going to talk about different types of spankings, how they are different as well as how the approach and administration is different. Let’s get started.

1. Disciplinary Spankings: 
The most commonly discussed spanking is the Disciplinary Spanking (sometimes called the Bad Girl or Disobedient Wife Spanking). The first purpose is to punish her for bad behavior (breaking rules, extreme disrespectful conduct and other actions that mandates punishment). Another purpose is to help her learn and grow and/or to discourage her from making this mistake again. Finally, many subs say they no longer feel guilty after a Disciplinary Spanking. The spanking will likely be proceeded and followed by a good talking to (subs will talk about the lecture or scolding) regarding what she did wrong and may be proceeded or followed by corner time. It’s a hard spanking, with the length and severity determined by the offense committed. Disciplinarily spankings need to happen as promptly as possible (i.e. as close to the event in question, as possible). If needed, I will take my slave from the event we are attending and take her to where I can give her the full spanking that is needed. Finally, she should not receive any sexual pleasure (touching or play) during or after the spanking, otherwise she will confuse the purpose with her receipt of pleasure.

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