What Exactly is Erotic Electrostimulation?

Erotic Electrostimulation — abbreviated e-stim — is a sexual practice primarily used in BDSM that involves applying mild electrical currents to various areas of the bodyfor the purpose of sexual stimulation.

Erotic Electrostimulation is also known as electrosex and electric sex play.

The electric currents are applied using a power source, such as a TENS, Violet Wand or EMS unit, and are usually applied to the subject’s genital area — including the penis, scrotum, clitoris, and vagina. When applied to the genitals, this stimulation can increase the intensity of an orgasm or even induce an orgasm with no other sexual contact.

This form of sexual stimulation is common, but not limited to BDSM. Outside of the genital area, other areas of the body may also be subject to erotic electrostimulation, as it stimulates the nerve endings in the body.

Only Below the Waist

Although it can be very pleasurable, erotic electrostimulation can also be dangerous if misused. The most common problems that arose from electrostimulation tend to be burns from bad contact — lack of sufficiently wide surface contact — between the electrode and the skin’s surface.

The general rule for electrostimulation is “only below the waist,” which means just that. Placing the electrical contacts in such a way that current passes through the chest cavity is a BAD idea, because even at relatively low current and voltage, doing so could disrupt the heart’s rhythm or even cause it to stop.

Seriously, just don’t fucking do it. And if you do — you’ve been warned.

Use the Right Toys

It goes without saying, that when experimenting with erotic electrostimulation, only use toys and devices designed specifically for that purpose. Using homemade erotic electrostimulation devices can deliver too much of a jolt, which can burn tissues, causing irreparable damage — or even cause death.

Finally, like any other toy or device, you should research the hazards, limitations, and techniques of electrostimulation and the devices used — ESPECIALLY if you have no idea of what the hell you’re doing.

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